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Lecture Summary (01/11/2006)

The headline of the session was "The Structure of Language".

At the beginning Mr Gibbon repeated last week's slides about paradigmatic and syntagmatic relations (see previous summary). As further information we learned that syllables consist of an onset, a nucleus and a coda. Nucleus and coda form the rhyme.

After that we dealt with the different ranks in the sign hierarchy (from complex on top to simple at the bottom):

  • dialogue
  • text
  • sentence
  • word
  • morpheme
  • phoneme

Mr Gibbon illustrated text structure using several examples like a recipe or a screenshot of the CNN homepage (in this case texts appeared as text parts).

Due to the fact that I am also a member of the "How to Make a Dictionary" class this session was completely repitition for me. This leads to the fact that I did not really learn new things but it was a good way of getting more familiar with the topic.

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