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Lecture Summary (01/25/2007)

Our last real meeting had the topic "Interdisciplinary aspects: Text Technology".

Mr Gibbon presented again his slides on the advantages of a portfolio and the reasons for us to create one as well as the slides about websites, hypertexts, texts and properties of a text (see summary of the very first session).

The new aspects of this lecture were text objects and document objects. First we looked at the parts of text structure: the front matter (title, subtitle, author, version) and the text body which is divided in sections which are divided in heading and text. We started the topic of text objects with characters. They have properties like font, size, colour, etc. The properties of a paragraph are the upper, lower, left and right margins. A paragraph can be a text body, a headline (with different levels of sub-headings), a list or a table. Other text objects are of course figures.

Then Mr Gibbon concentrated on paragraph styles and showed us the differences between the unprofessional and the professional method.

The last part of the session was abput document objects. Concerning documents themselves the respective objects are the filename, the author and the version. In the case of pages size, margin, header and footer are of importance.

From my point of view the repitition of the whole portfolio stuff was unnecessary because we all have the respective slides on our computer at home and even if someone might learn something new from this repitition or might understand something better than before it would be a little late to turn this new knowledge into reality.

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